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Sometimes the perfect relationship healer is a quick getaway. Escaping to a nearby hotel or resort often results in the perfect romantic remedy for weary and time restricted relationships. To plan the perfect getaway use the following insider tips and create the ultimate romantic experience for you both!
Find a hotel that offers late check-out. Also, check to see if there is a charge for checking out late.


Call the front desk of the hotel rather than the reservation system for information about the hotel and reserving your room. They have a more accurate and up-to-date information regarding what rooms are available.

Find out if the hotel offers room service and from what hours. Some hotels only offer a very limited selection after 10pm. Check to see if this is the case. If so, see if the concierge or front desk have numbers and menus to nearby restaurants that will deliver to the hotel.

Ask how many restaurants are on the location. Do they serve full meals or just appetizers?

If you're planning on using the Internet make sure the hotel has data ports. Also find out exactly how much they charge for local calls and what they consider a local call. If possible give them the number your planning on dialing for access so they can check for you.

Find out what type of view your room will have. Make sure it doesn't overlook a parking lot or a freeway.

Ask if they have the Movies On Command or Movies On Demand service. For around a $7-10 fee you can watch movies that are still in the theatre or not yet released on video